Any boat, no matter what size, deserves to be pampered and treated with the uppermost care.

We are pleased to offer the highest quality, meticulous, cleaning and reconditioning services.

Give your boat “The Mermaid’s Touch” today!

Who we are:

Brittany “Brie” Lathrop (Owner and Chief Operator):

 I grew up living on a sailboat with my family in the Stuart area. I watched, and helped, my parents restore several boats and learned a lot about the industry growing up in boat yards.

My first job was working with my mother, helping her with detail.  After she would finish teak brightwork, or a wax/compound job, I would wash the boat after. At 17, I started working for a local detailing company, and have been detailing in the area for the last 15+ years.

I am constantly working on learning new methods, and testing new products, to help insure that each boat is detailed with the right method for the most prestigious results.

It is my pleasure to make sure that every vessel that is touched by my company is treated with the upmost respect and care. I believe that every boat has the potential to be absolutely beautiful, and should be maintained that way.